I was reading Time magazine, and there was an artical about how smoking appears in hollywood films. People are saying that smoking should not be used in movies because it might influence their children to take up smoking. This quick and simple. Don't take your children to see these movies! Its the parents responsebility to decide what their children watch. Not the movie directors. Its not their fault. Nor is it the smoking companies. There is also a anti-smoking comercial on t.v. that points out the fact that when a muppets movie used smoking in it that it also would appeal to children. The only reason kids start smoking is not because they buy the cigarettes but because you let them hang out with the kids who can get a hold of them. So I blame the parents who let their children get to that stage. Haven't you seen those commercials on t.v. about talking to your children about not doing stuff you don't want them to do? Its not hard. Quit blaming things that are your fault on the "evil" corporations.

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